COBIT 5 framework (May 15th, 2015)


  • (Here the Italian  translation)

About IT Governance for about 20 years the keyword for IT professionals has been COBIT®, the ISACA framework which helps companies to manage and govern their information system and technologies.
Information is important for any kind of organization, regardless its market sector, dimension and sales, as it can be created, used, retained, disclosed and destroyed, and technology plays a key role in these actions.
For this reason it is essential that organizations adopt an effective and efficient model for managing information, in order to strategically support  Top Management’s decision making.
This is the context where COBIT® 5 comes into play; it is the international framework of reference that provides the tools for the implementation of a Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT) system. To achieve this goal, COBIT® 5  has included and enriched all of its previous versions, integrating into its structure also the guidelines of other frameworks/standards of reference in the fields of IT Governance, Risk, Security, Audit among others.
The target of the model is to provide support to Manage and Govern information within all the business processes of a company.
Indeed the Framework ensures that organizations define an integrated model for Governance activities and stakeholder needs, maintaining the quality of information that supports a company’s decision making and generating value for the company from IT investments. COBIT® 5 is the ideal instrument to create a common language between business and IT, in order to correlate Information Technology and business goals. Through COBIT® 5, IT management can achieve an end-to-end perspective on all of the IT-related questions, justifying IT investments in relation to business objectives, while maintaining the IT-related risks at an acceptable level and optimizing the costs of IT services and technology.
To summarize, COBIT® 5 helps organizations to obtain the optimal value from IT, while maintaining the balance between the creation of benefits and the optimization of risk levels and resource utilization.

COBIT® 5 Foundation course

Prometeo MC (Accredited Training Organization), is organizing a new session of the COBIT® 5 Foundation Course in Rome on June 15th, 16th and 17th 2015.
The COBIT® 5 Foundation Course will be delivered directly by Prometeo Management Consulting, accredited as ATO (Accredited Training Organization) for COBIT® 5 Foundation by APMG-International (COBIT® is a Registered Trade Mark of ISACA).

Course objectives

The Course presents the key-points of Governance and Management of Enterprise IT (GEIT), raises Business Executives and senior IT Management awareness about the benefits of GEIT, assesses the current state of an Enterprise IT with the objective of understanding what aspects of COBIT® 5 it would be appropriate to implement.
An exam simulation will be carried-out during the Course. At the end of the third day, the certification exam will be taken in the form of multiple choice questionnaire in the English language.
In detail, the covered topics will be:

  • Introduction to COBIT® 5 and key features;
  • The COBIT® 5 Principles;
  • The COBIT® 5 Enablers;
  • Introduction to COBIT® 5 implementation;
  • The Process Capability Assessment model.

Learning objectives

At the end of the Course, the learners will familiarwith and understand:

  • The major drivers for the development of a Framework;
  • The business benefits of using COBIT® 5;
  • The COBIT® 5 Product Architecture;
  • The IT management issues and challenges that affect enterprises;
  • The 5 Key Principles of COBIT® 5 for the governance and management of Enterprise IT;
  • How COBIT® 5 ENABLES IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise;
  • Understand the key concepts in a Process Capability Assessment and the key attributes of the COBIT® 5 PAM (Process Assessment Model).

Course lenght

  • 3 days (as recommended by ISACA:  )

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